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It's About You

We Know You.

We started a business just like you. We are owners, decision makers, and problem solvers, and understand the challenges and rewards of operating a business.  We want to work with you on your business strategies, and assist you in mapping your road to success. Yes, financial strategies are part of that conversation, but your business is so much more complicated than just banking matters.  Your banker will understand your business, know your industry issues, and be more involved in what’s important to you and your business. 

After we get to know you and your business; after we have taken a “deep dive” with you into the core of the key metrics that make you and your business unique; after we learn to appreciate the keys to your success - only then do we discuss banking tools.

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Why Endeavor Bank

About Endeavor Bank

Endeavor Bank Advisory Board

Consultative Banking – The Focus is on You.

The greatest value Endeavor Bank provides its clients is not loans or depository services. It is what we call Consultative Banking, which is varied and customized for each client. It is assistance to grow revenues and profit. It is ideas to overcome obstacles and remove barriers. It is referrals to key advisors and relationships. We describe it as one good idea a year.

Clients tell us their bankers don’t provide them with ideas because other bankers don’t see consultation as their calling. At Endeavor Bank, we do. The following are examples of ways Endeavor Bank can provide Consultative Banking to your company:

  • At least one good idea a year – our standard.
  • Our Executive Management team led by CEO Dan Yates, and President Steve Sefton, have a long history of assisting Southern California based businesses to achieve their goals. Through Dan and Steve, you will have access to Endeavor’s decision-makers to assist in meeting the growing needs of your company where the incumbent bank has failed.
  • Quarterly meetings between your management team and Endeavor Bank’s team on growth strategies, overcoming business challenges, and exit planning.
  • Endeavor Bank has worked with Senior Management of various insurance brokers and CPA firms for many years. These long term relationships with your other professional advisors, gives us the ability to work in tandem with them to maximize our recommendations effectiveness.
  • We are constantly leveraging our network of 600+ shareholders, and banking clients to make introductions that help support local businesses. Our robust network of local businesses could be prospective clients of your company. Your team will have many opportunities to meet these prospective clients in person at one of our hosted events throughout the year.

“Consultative banking works best when your banker, like a good mechanic or doctor, has a great set of tools in the tool box or medical lab.” —Dan Yates, CEO of Endeavor Bank